Friday Favs

I have had to remind myself several times this week just to breathe, and that everything will get done in due time… Projects got done, house work is mostly done, but the little moments with Sean really helped to make it fun amidst the deadlines I was trying to meet. I’m going to share some of those favorite moments today.

1. When he was ‘helping’ in the yard.
He was so determined to help me rake up the leaves, so he grabbed the broom from the garage to try and ‘help’. When he realized that it wouldn’t work, he went to get the little pumpkin that I have by the door, to show it to me. I’m not sure if he thought that it was in the way, so he was moving it, or if he wanted to use it as a ball… Either way I did the yard work while he ran circles around me. (^_^;)

2. Lunch Date
I am so so so thankful that I am working from home so I can have these little lunch dates with this guy. Sometimes that just means a little something from the Target food court, but with the look on his face you would have thought that it was 5 star dining. He’s just so precious.

3. When he helps with dinner.
I have always loved to cook, and it seems as though Sean has taken an interest in it as well. The moment he hears me working in the kitchen, he’ll run to get his little apron, grab a chair to stand on and watch as I put dinner together. Don’t worry, I keep a good eye on him! It’s really a lot of fun, and it seems to have helped him show more of an interest in the food on his plate. ^_^

Hopefully next week won’t get out of hand and there won’t be any gaps in my blogging week. Thanks for being so patient and for still reading my blog anyway. That really means a LOT to me!

So to those of you who blog, do you have an awesome-amazing way to keep your ‘blog life’ super organized? I can use all the help I can get, so please share! I’ll love you FOOOOOOREVER!!!!!!!


Friday Favs

Today’s Friday Favs will be a little different from some of the past ones. Last night, we had a little family outing to the local antique mall and found the coolest diner that has been featured on food network with Guy Fieri.

The food and service was amazing, and the prices were the same as a typical family restaurant. We were shocked at how much food they brought out! They started with a giant fresh baked roll that they brought along with a couple pieces of complimentary greek spinach pie. Scott ordered a burger and I ordered the chicken salad platter. I shared with Sean and there was still enough for another meal left!

So here are some of my favorite things I found at the antique mall…

1. Victrola Reproduction
Isn’t it gorgeous! I kept thinking of how amazing it would be to play some Puccini on that bad boy.

2. Old Tricycle
I just love old toys. There’s just something about them…

3. ???
This really doesn’t qualify as a fav… More like down right terrifying, but I couldn’t resist. I think it’s a mask part of an old costume. The things people sell… (*_*)

Thanks so much for the likes, shares and follows! Do you have a favorite place to eat that is unique? I would love to hear about it!

*Not a sponsored post.

Friday Favs

It’s time for Friday Favs again!! This week I am sharing some of my favorite things from my kitchen. I love to cook, and there are a few things that make my kitchen uniquely mine.

1. Swan Measuring Cups

I am in love with Anthro’s kitchen/dining department. Unfortunately, they are not always affordable for me. Thankfully our store has a designated clearance room, and sometimes you can find some treasures in there. The only down side to these measuring cups is that Sean seems to think that they are ducks. I have to keep a close eye on him because once, he tried to pick then up while singing ‘Old MacDonald’. I could almost see the ceramic swan landing on the floor, mid ‘E-I-E-I-O’. (°_°) *yikes*


2. Jessie Steele Potholder

IMG_5303.JPG So I actually have a matching apron, that Scott gave me a couple years ago for Christmas, but I didn’t get a chance to iron it for the photos. 😛 Her products are VERY well made, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our kitchen has a little bit of a ‘French Country’ feel to it, so this oven mitt and apron worked perfectly with that theme.


2. Ceramic Measuring Spoons

This was another one of those awesome Anthropologie clearance finds! I was eyeballing these when they first came out and may have purposely *cough* waited for them to go on clearance… Hey! A girl’s gotta do what she gotta do! K?


I just want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone that has been reading, visiting, following my blog this week. It’s been so encouraging and exciting for me! Please come back and join me on Monday. 🙂

Friday Favs

I love seeing products & items that other moms love/use in their everyday lives. I figured it’s my turn to share the love. So here it is… *drum roll* Friday Favs!!

I will be introducing a few things each Friday that I am currently crushin’ on. This is not a sponsored post. It’s just an honest to goodness, heart to heart about the amazing things I have discovered, and I hope it’s a help to you.

1. Jamberry Nails


Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit, that I was pretty skeptical. I had quite a few people contact me about trying them, but it wasn’t till I saw just how much one of my friends was seriously in love with them, that I finally gave them a try.

Let me tell ya! I put them on the week before we moved. By the time we got done moving, the skin on my hands were dry from handling the boxes and cleaning, but my nails still looked amazing.

I have the worst time with nail polish chipping, mostly because of the constant use of my fingers for creating shop product. I kept looking at my fingers, wondering if the Jamberrys would stay on, but they stayed on a solid week and a half before one of then came off, and that was with all the intense, moving craziness!

Jaime is an amazing consultant to work with! She’s so sweet and you will love her online Jamberry Shop.

2. Cheerful Workspaces


I love scrolling through Pinterest and seeing all the ingenious decor ideas that people have! I was on a shoe string budget, so I had to get creative with what I had.

The desk was on clearance at target for $25. I love it because, I can fold it up and move it myself. It’s light weight, yet very sturdy. I made the paper circles, with the quotes and verses in the middle, out of scrap book paper. Then I used washi tape to hang pictures on the wall.

Different people are inspired by different things. If I were to work at Scott’s desk, I would get very little accomplished, but it works perfectly for him. If he were to work at my desk, all of the girly colors would probably give him a headache. LOL

3. Homemade Cupcakes


This one seriously needs no explanation… ‘Cause homemade cupcakes are just where it’s at. Lucky for me, the hub’s birthday was this week so I had an excuse to stray from my healthy eating. 🙂

What are you lovin’ this week? Please share it in the comments. You can also tag me @TokyoBlossom on Instagram or Twitter and use #fridayfavs. Have an awesome weekend, and I will be back on Monday!