Cherry wood and wool…

Making an entire winter line by hand is a really special experience in itself, but I love it when I’m able to use the beautiful work of other makers. By incorporating the talents of other people into my work, I feel like it allows each piece to tell a deeper story. These beautiful cherry wood brand tags have a story all of their own.
Ana and her husband over from  in Washington dtate are creating beautiful custom pieces for their customers. I was really impressed by all of the customizable options that they had to offer. I went with a cherry wood but they also offer walnut, mahogany, and maple. I went with the cherry wood because I wanted something light enough to stand out against the bright colors of the wool, but still had a little more color than Maple.

I asked them to send me a couple of in progress shots and they graciously sent me these photos of the tags being cut. I was always that kid that enjoyed seeing the little video clips on shows like ‘Reading Rainbow’ and ‘Mr. Rogers Neighborhood’ that showed how different things were made. These pictures really took me back to that childhood joy. 

While a lot of the tags on the site are offered in a two whole format, they were able to make a few adjustments for my order. Due to the really bulky nature of my knits, I wanted a tag that would not ‘wobble’ on the yarn. After sewing a couple on and testing it I couldn’t be happier with the results! You can tell that they take a lot of pride in their work by the smallest details that were incorporated. Everything from their desire to have the exactness of the artwork to the heavy duty packaging to ensure that everything got to me safely, it was definitely a work of love. ☺️

As we get closer to launch day on September 10th I hope to share more of stories behind the beautiful work that helps to make my pieces complete. 
** This was not a sponsored post, just my appreciation for beautiful work.


Asparagas Roll Up Recipe

So on the way to the grocery store, I was praying for a good sale on some kind of red meat because we had been eating a whole lot of chicken for the last couple of weeks. When I got there, I found what looked like a thin sliced sirloin not only on sale, but with a $2 off sticker slapped on the top of about 10 packages! The steak ended up being cheaper than chicken!

Thanks to this huge blessing, we have been eating this ‘sandwich steak’ every way you can imagine. One night for dinner, I made an asparagus roll up and it turned out to be wonderful.

4 slices of ‘sandwich steak’
1 bundle of asparagus
4 slices of provolone
1 Tbs of butter
Salt & Pepper

Preheat the oven to 400°F. Spread the softened butter in the bottom of a cast iron skillet.

Wash and trim the tough ends of the asparagus. Cut pieces in half.

Take a piece of the sandwich steak, put a piece of provolone over it and line the center with 3-4 pieces of asparagus.

Once you are done rolling all 4 slices, line the skillet with the remaining asparagus. Place the rolled steaks on top of the asparagus.

Salt & pepper the top of the steaks, cover with foil and place in oven.

Now at this point I have to confess that I really didn’t keep track of how long it roasted in the oven… Just keep checking to see when it’s done? LOL. It turned out wonderful, and my husband and 3 year old loved it so I guess that’s a win!

But seriously though. Plan a dinner for two, make this recipe and put on a record of Billy Eckstine. You couldn’t have a better evening. 🙂

So about all this blogging… When I started this blog a few weeks back, I seriously didn’t expect so many of you to start following & reading so quickly! You all are just so sweet! I really would live to get to know all of you. Please leave a comment, share your favorite recipe, or even just say hi! I promise I don’t bite. ^_^

What a raven taught me…

Between Sean’s birthday and our church’s missions conference Sun-Wed, I haven’t been able to do as much with the shop and blog as I have wanted to. While it has been challenging to juggle everything, what has happened to us this week is invaluable.

I have always hoped that my shop could be something that God could use to be a blessing to not only my family, but others as well. I wasn’t sure about how that would happen, but that has been my desire from the start.

In the last message of the missions conference, our guest speaker talked about a lady who wanted to give to missions, but she felt like all she had was her sewing machine. She went ahead and told God that it was His to do with as He saw fit. Once she gave her ability to God, a well known homeschool organization contacted her about making all of the uniforms for their branches, nationwide.

That kind of hit home for me. Yeah, of course I want my business to succeed and to help my family, but I feel like there’s a bigger purpose to all of this. And This week, I found it…

We put a map and a chalkboard vinyl up on our dining room wall, so we can write down the needs of the missionaries that God puts on our heart to ‘adopt’. While my shop is still small, part of each sale I make will be going towards missions as well as to meet the needs of our adopted missionaries.

The more Scott and I talked about it, the more we both realized that God is leading us both to work on this together. I love how God had been telling Scott how his graphic design skills would come in to play. Both of us had already surrendered our lives to whatever God has for us, but this week, I think we found our purpose.

I Kings 17:4 came to mind. If God could use ravens to encourage and feed the prophet Elijah, how much more can He use you and I?


Laughing maniacally, and why you should too…

Do you ever wake up to everything going wrong? You go to get a shower and you realize that there aren’t any clean towels. You go to pour your coffee and it winds up on your shirt. Your kid dumps his applesauce on the floor, and you realize that today was garbage day and you already missed the truck? Yeah, been there, done that.

You know what? I’m going to give a super piece of encouragement. Guess what!! There’s NOTHING you can do about it!! Life happens. We know that, but we still stress out about it and let it ruin our entire day. Hey, look. I’m preaching to myself so don’t go and take it all personal and unfollow me, K?

I’ll tell you what you can do. Stop. Take a deep breath. Look in the mirror. And make a face like this…

Good, good. You’re gettin’ the hang of this! Now proceed to laugh maniacally. Don’t you feel so much better already??

Being a mom is tough, but adding the responsibilities of an entrepreneur can be crazy sometimes. Learn to laugh at life. It makes the road a lot more fun. And just remember that tomorrow is a new day. 🙂

The koi that became a beluga whale…

So this weekend has been a whirlwind between Sean’s birthday and our church’s missions conference. Even though it’s been crazy I’ve loved every moment of it.

I had the opportunity to decorate a table for our missions banquet this year and I was supposed to decorate it in a way that it would represent Japan. I decided that part of my decorations needed to include origami, because if you’re originally from Japan, that automatically makes you an expert at it right?

So I found this page that gave instructions on how to make an origami koi… Let’s just say that it didn’t go as well as I thought it would.

Doesn’t it look like a beluga whale??? It seriously makes me want to make those whale sounds that Dorie did on Finding Nemo… (~_~;) In the end, I wound up going with some basic paper cranes. LOL

—Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed my blog in the last couple of weeks! You guys are amazing. I would love to get to know you, so please leave a comment and I will reply! ❤️

Mutant bunnies and other edible things…

Today I’m going to be sharing a fun little snack made with something that most people have on hand. The idea is not original with me, but I remember my Japanese grandmother doing this all the time. In fact I remember a lot of people in Japan doing this… If you’re wondering about the mutant bunnies, they will make an appearance at the end of today’s post. (^_^)

1. Get a good apple.IMG_5315-0.JPG You can use just about any sweet crisp apple. I personally prefer Fuji apples but today I only had Red Delicious. *bummer* Wash them thoroughly and dry them with a towel.

2. Quarter and core.IMG_5316-0.JPG Once you are done drying the apples, carefully cut them into fourths and remove the cores. If you are a kid reading my blog… do the smart thing and have a grown-up help you. Everyone knows anyone under the age of 40 shouldn’t be using a knife! Sheesh!

3. Cut in half again.IMG_5317-0.JPG While you can make bunnies out of quartered apples, if you really wanted to… The results aren’t pretty. I’ll show you at the end. (~_~;)

4. Slit for ears.
IMG_5318.JPG At this point we’re going to cut a ‘V’ in each slice of apple. The slit should be no deeper than an eighth of an inch, because we don’t want to end up cutting the bunny in half.

5. Peel
IMG_5321.JPG Now we’re gonna give our bunnies a shave. Peel from the end that is farthest from the point of the ‘V’ incision. (Sounds like an operation doesn’t it?) Peel up until you reach the point of the ‘V’. This will leave you with two little ears. Aren’t they sweet? They look so pretty arranged on a plate!

Now for the good, the bad, and the ugly…
IMG_5322.JPG remember how I said you could make them out of the fourths if you really wanted to? Trust me you don’t… He kinda looks like a mutated apple Godzilla…

IMG_5323.JPG And be really careful when you’re shaving that bunny or he might lose an ear…

Thanks for reading! If you need a good laugh, then I think you will really enjoy ‘What happens in Atlanta, stays in Atlanta’. Be sure to follow my blog for daily hilarities an thoughts to ponder as I wander down the path of mompreneurship.

Friday Favs

It’s time for Friday Favs again!! This week I am sharing some of my favorite things from my kitchen. I love to cook, and there are a few things that make my kitchen uniquely mine.

1. Swan Measuring Cups

I am in love with Anthro’s kitchen/dining department. Unfortunately, they are not always affordable for me. Thankfully our store has a designated clearance room, and sometimes you can find some treasures in there. The only down side to these measuring cups is that Sean seems to think that they are ducks. I have to keep a close eye on him because once, he tried to pick then up while singing ‘Old MacDonald’. I could almost see the ceramic swan landing on the floor, mid ‘E-I-E-I-O’. (°_°) *yikes*


2. Jessie Steele Potholder

IMG_5303.JPG So I actually have a matching apron, that Scott gave me a couple years ago for Christmas, but I didn’t get a chance to iron it for the photos. 😛 Her products are VERY well made, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our kitchen has a little bit of a ‘French Country’ feel to it, so this oven mitt and apron worked perfectly with that theme.


2. Ceramic Measuring Spoons

This was another one of those awesome Anthropologie clearance finds! I was eyeballing these when they first came out and may have purposely *cough* waited for them to go on clearance… Hey! A girl’s gotta do what she gotta do! K?


I just want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone that has been reading, visiting, following my blog this week. It’s been so encouraging and exciting for me! Please come back and join me on Monday. 🙂