Friday Favs

Today’s Friday Favs will be a little different from some of the past ones. Last night, we had a little family outing to the local antique mall and found the coolest diner that has been featured on food network with Guy Fieri.

The food and service was amazing, and the prices were the same as a typical family restaurant. We were shocked at how much food they brought out! They started with a giant fresh baked roll that they brought along with a couple pieces of complimentary greek spinach pie. Scott ordered a burger and I ordered the chicken salad platter. I shared with Sean and there was still enough for another meal left!

So here are some of my favorite things I found at the antique mall…

1. Victrola Reproduction
Isn’t it gorgeous! I kept thinking of how amazing it would be to play some Puccini on that bad boy.

2. Old Tricycle
I just love old toys. There’s just something about them…

3. ???
This really doesn’t qualify as a fav… More like down right terrifying, but I couldn’t resist. I think it’s a mask part of an old costume. The things people sell… (*_*)

Thanks so much for the likes, shares and follows! Do you have a favorite place to eat that is unique? I would love to hear about it!

*Not a sponsored post.

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