Christmas 2014 Recap

Like I said last week, on Wednesday’s I’m going to be mixing things up a little. Sometimes I might share family moments and sometimes I might share products that I am designing or making.

Today I am going to share some photos from our Christmas. This year, not everyone was able to make it on the same day, so we ended up celebrating twice. We celebrated on Christmas day at our house, and again on New Years day at the in-law’s. We had a really good time, and I think the little guy didn’t mind having Christmas twice. 🙂


I noticed that Sean wanted to be a part of EVERYTHING this year. He wanted to help make the cookies, he wanted to help hang the ornaments, and he definitely wanted to help unwrap the presents before I could even get them under the tree!


We gave him a toy tool set, and I made him a little utility belt out of some fabric that my mom had sent a while back from Japan. He has been going around the house “fixing” doors, shelves, candles, candy… You name it. 😛


This was the first year I made a completely gluten free/dairy free Christmas dinner. Surprisingly, everything turned out really well. (Thank God for Pinterest recipes!!)
It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, but it definitely involved a lot of coconut oil.


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Now you can sleep well knowing that I’m not over here, scheming how to spam you both day and night… You’re welcome. (≧∇≦)
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Friday Favs

I have had to remind myself several times this week just to breathe, and that everything will get done in due time… Projects got done, house work is mostly done, but the little moments with Sean really helped to make it fun amidst the deadlines I was trying to meet. I’m going to share some of those favorite moments today.

1. When he was ‘helping’ in the yard.
He was so determined to help me rake up the leaves, so he grabbed the broom from the garage to try and ‘help’. When he realized that it wouldn’t work, he went to get the little pumpkin that I have by the door, to show it to me. I’m not sure if he thought that it was in the way, so he was moving it, or if he wanted to use it as a ball… Either way I did the yard work while he ran circles around me. (^_^;)

2. Lunch Date
I am so so so thankful that I am working from home so I can have these little lunch dates with this guy. Sometimes that just means a little something from the Target food court, but with the look on his face you would have thought that it was 5 star dining. He’s just so precious.

3. When he helps with dinner.
I have always loved to cook, and it seems as though Sean has taken an interest in it as well. The moment he hears me working in the kitchen, he’ll run to get his little apron, grab a chair to stand on and watch as I put dinner together. Don’t worry, I keep a good eye on him! It’s really a lot of fun, and it seems to have helped him show more of an interest in the food on his plate. ^_^

Hopefully next week won’t get out of hand and there won’t be any gaps in my blogging week. Thanks for being so patient and for still reading my blog anyway. That really means a LOT to me!

So to those of you who blog, do you have an awesome-amazing way to keep your ‘blog life’ super organized? I can use all the help I can get, so please share! I’ll love you FOOOOOOREVER!!!!!!!