Taking time to be still…

A little while back, I wrote ‘Learning to get a life…’ in hopes that others would see their need to make time for themselves. Today I’m going to take it a step farther.

In my other post, I was trying to encourage you to find a hobby outside of work. We get wrapped up in responsibilities, to the point that, that becomes our entire life.

Hobbies can be a good thing, and they can be relaxing, but how much time do we spend being ‘still’. Most of us are running to the grocery store, going to PTA, working out, sending off orders, taking phone calls, cleaning up the juice that your toddler decided to purposely pour on the floor, putting laundry away that you washed two weeks ago, walking the dog, making dinner, praying that your kid doesn’t dump his crackers on the floor while you’re making dinner… Etc. etc. etc. aren’t you exhausted just reading this?!???

It’s crazy but that’s the way most of us live. I know it’s necessary to get all of that done each day, but if you don’t take time to just ‘be still’ you’re gonna to go bonkers!

This week I found a way to combine my hobby with a way to be still. One of my favorite ways to be still is to sit quietly and read my Bible as I spend time with God. I love being able to cut fresh flowers from outside and put them on the table. It’s really nice when you get to enjoy God’s creation as you spend time in His Word. There’s a satisfying peace that comes with it.

There’s always so much to be done but taking those few moments and spending them quietly makes the rest of the day go by so much better…

Psalm 46:10a Be still, and know that I am God…