What a raven taught me…

Between Sean’s birthday and our church’s missions conference Sun-Wed, I haven’t been able to do as much with the shop and blog as I have wanted to. While it has been challenging to juggle everything, what has happened to us this week is invaluable.

I have always hoped that my shop could be something that God could use to be a blessing to not only my family, but others as well. I wasn’t sure about how that would happen, but that has been my desire from the start.

In the last message of the missions conference, our guest speaker talked about a lady who wanted to give to missions, but she felt like all she had was her sewing machine. She went ahead and told God that it was His to do with as He saw fit. Once she gave her ability to God, a well known homeschool organization contacted her about making all of the uniforms for their branches, nationwide.

That kind of hit home for me. Yeah, of course I want my business to succeed and to help my family, but I feel like there’s a bigger purpose to all of this. And This week, I found it…

We put a map and a chalkboard vinyl up on our dining room wall, so we can write down the needs of the missionaries that God puts on our heart to ‘adopt’. While my shop is still small, part of each sale I make will be going towards missions as well as to meet the needs of our adopted missionaries.

The more Scott and I talked about it, the more we both realized that God is leading us both to work on this together. I love how God had been telling Scott how his graphic design skills would come in to play. Both of us had already surrendered our lives to whatever God has for us, but this week, I think we found our purpose.

I Kings 17:4 came to mind. If God could use ravens to encourage and feed the prophet Elijah, how much more can He use you and I?


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