Going native…

We have been living in our new home for almost a month. While I wouldn’t go as far as to say that we had culture shock when we moved here, it was definitely different from what we were used to.

Where we used to live, we were surrounded by a strong Asian influence due to all the companies that were Japanese & Korean owned. The local Kroger had more Asian food than some Oriental food stores I have been to!

It is so quiet where we live now. We live close to a lake and there’s a Cabela’s near us. While camo reallys isn’t our thing, we decided that it was high time we immerse ourselves in the new culture… So we went to Cabela’s.

Now if you read my post from last week, you know that our family outings get really, crazy really fast…

We started by going over to the ‘mountain’ with the fish tank ‘lake’ to educate Sean about the fish that live in our area… Everything was going swimmingly (pun totally intended), until Sean saw the two giant catfish that were coming up to the glass and staring right at him. Kinda freaked me out too, actually.

So from then on, he wouldn’t get near the tank without holding our hand. It didn’t help either, that somebody decided to push the button that makes all the terrifying wildlife sounds, while he was inches from the glass. Our poor kid… He’s gonna have Icthyophobia for the rest of his life. BTW, that means fear of fish. I already googled it so you wouldn’t have to. 😛

We didn’t want him to be forever terrified of this place that is so revered by the locals, so we decided to introduce him to the toy section. It didn’t take long for his mood to improve.

They have a cafe inside where you can get things like venison hotdogs, bison sandwiches, and wild boar BBQ. I played it safe with some chili, Sean had a corn dog, and Scott had the venison chili dog. Everything was really good. Scott did say that the venison hot dog was a little chewy. (~_~;)


All in all it was an great experience. I still don’t think I could pull off camo, but who knows. Give it a year and I might be making camo green flower accessories for my shop.

*This is not a sponsored post.

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