Mutant bunnies and other edible things…

Today I’m going to be sharing a fun little snack made with something that most people have on hand. The idea is not original with me, but I remember my Japanese grandmother doing this all the time. In fact I remember a lot of people in Japan doing this… If you’re wondering about the mutant bunnies, they will make an appearance at the end of today’s post. (^_^)

1. Get a good apple.IMG_5315-0.JPG You can use just about any sweet crisp apple. I personally prefer Fuji apples but today I only had Red Delicious. *bummer* Wash them thoroughly and dry them with a towel.

2. Quarter and core.IMG_5316-0.JPG Once you are done drying the apples, carefully cut them into fourths and remove the cores. If you are a kid reading my blog… do the smart thing and have a grown-up help you. Everyone knows anyone under the age of 40 shouldn’t be using a knife! Sheesh!

3. Cut in half again.IMG_5317-0.JPG While you can make bunnies out of quartered apples, if you really wanted to… The results aren’t pretty. I’ll show you at the end. (~_~;)

4. Slit for ears.
IMG_5318.JPG At this point we’re going to cut a ‘V’ in each slice of apple. The slit should be no deeper than an eighth of an inch, because we don’t want to end up cutting the bunny in half.

5. Peel
IMG_5321.JPG Now we’re gonna give our bunnies a shave. Peel from the end that is farthest from the point of the ‘V’ incision. (Sounds like an operation doesn’t it?) Peel up until you reach the point of the ‘V’. This will leave you with two little ears. Aren’t they sweet? They look so pretty arranged on a plate!

Now for the good, the bad, and the ugly…
IMG_5322.JPG remember how I said you could make them out of the fourths if you really wanted to? Trust me you don’t… He kinda looks like a mutated apple Godzilla…

IMG_5323.JPG And be really careful when you’re shaving that bunny or he might lose an ear…

Thanks for reading! If you need a good laugh, then I think you will really enjoy ‘What happens in Atlanta, stays in Atlanta’. Be sure to follow my blog for daily hilarities an thoughts to ponder as I wander down the path of mompreneurship.

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