Sean’s adventures…

I love how every day is an adventure for our little guy. Everything he discovers is new and exciting to him. Here’s a few things he’s been up to.

Look, Mom! I’m a robot!
He’s been really into robots lately. I think he saw one on a cartoon, and has been imitating them ever since. I found this little felt mask in the party section of Target and I got the biggest smile when I gave it to him. He walked around the house ‘beeping’ like a robot till he was so sleepy he had to go to bed.


Sean vs. the merengue…
While we were in Atlanta, the other day, I bought a few treats for us to share. One of them happened to be a chocolate merengue. Let’s just say that merengue didn’t even stand a chance.


When super heroes rest…
He has been really good about naps, but lately he has been falling asleep, right in the middle of playing, reading, coloring, etc. I guess all that learning is wearing him out. ❤️


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