What happens in Atlanta, stays in Atlanta…

Sometimes I think mompreneurs are super moms. A lot of them are adventurous and willing to go through all kinds of peril to succeed at what they are doing. They defy the odds and do it to make their lives, and their family’s lives a little better each day.

But then there’s me and my family…

Our story begins when I see that a little shop in Atlanta is selling a used dress form, like I had been searching for. I hop in the car and call the shop at least a 1,000 times just to make sure they don’t sell it to someone else, then we get stuck in traffic, take a wrong turn, and wind up getting there 10 min after closing. Thankfully they were still cleaning, so we were able to get it.


Now if the story ended there, it would sound like your typical stressed out, bargain hunting family that happened to be shopping for a dress form. But what we did afterward is what makes me rethink the term ‘normal’.

We just happened to be in the part of the neighborhood, where the guys turn up the the cuffs of their blazers, to show off the snazzy print on the lining. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. That place where hair products reign supreme. And there were a lot of them watching us…

Cause you know… It’s not every day that you get to watch a family drag a dress form over a bridge, then stop to pose with it. There also may have been some couples on this bridge… On a date… While our totally ‘normal’ family + dress form did our thing.



Yeah… I’m seriously rethinking ‘normal’.

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