The story begins…


So here we are at a new beginning. There’s something special about new beginnings, no matter what the occasion. But today, I’m celebrating the new beginning of this blog.

I want this to be a place where I can record and share my thoughts, dreams, and memories on the road that my husband (Scott) and I are traveling as we grow our own companies.

He is a graphic designer/founder of The Studio Temporary, and I am shop owner/designer @ Tokyo Blossom Boutique creating vintage inspired crocheted and knit accessories.

Two weeks ago, we moved to North Georgia, with our almost three year old son. It’s been a little crazy, as we juggle a full time job, kid, two start ups and everyday life, but I’ve never felt more excited and alive!

Maybe it’s because on the inside I’ve been waiting for this moment. Maybe it’s because I’m never really happy unless I’m continually moving forward. Honestly, I think it’s both. The restlessness motivates me to try a little harder each day and to keep learning, so I can become better at what I do.

So that’s my explanification of why I’m starting this blog. While I enjoy sharing my thoughts, I would love to hear your thoughts and make friends with others in a similar boat as well.

Are you a mompreneur or is your family starting or growing a company? What are some challenges you face each day? Please don’t be shy and share a comment below! ❤️

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